Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten Academic Overview

Foundations Academy

This is the first experience for many children in a Christian academic community. They will experience a loving, safe environment while learning about God’s love. Our students experience a variety of different fun days that include: Western day, Safari day and Hawaiian day. We venture out on fun field trips to the pumpkin patch, an aquarium, and the zoo. We also include many different cooking activities where the students help make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, gingerbread men, pizza, pancakes, and more. Their time in the Foundations Academy is a time of amazing growth and development.

Our Kindergarten students get to experience learning in a variety of ways. Their learning is not only teacher led but also student led. During the year they will study different thematic units and within those units they will cook, do science experiments, and go on field trips. Some of the themes of these units include apples, pumpkins, insects, birds, winter, and oceans. Some of the exciting science experiments include, Volcano Glitter Project, Candy Cane Experiment, Lego Challenge, Ice vs. Water, and more.

The principal has done a fantastic job and my kids absolutely love this school, as do I. I think this place is such a gem in Albuquerque!
–Greatschools Review